Introduction of common wall acoustic materials

Common wall acoustic materials mainly include: wood acoustic panels, wood wool acoustic panels, fabric acoustic panels, polyester fiber acoustic panels, etc.
These acoustic panels are widely used in the walls of public places such as concert halls, theaters, recording studios, studios, monitoring rooms, conference rooms, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, dance halls, etc., which can absorb noise and prevent strong reflection of indoor sound. affect the indoor environment.
There are two types of wood acoustic panels: slotted wood acoustic panels and perforated wood acoustic panels. Grooved wood sound absorbing panel is a slit resonance sound absorbing material with grooves on the front and perforations on the back. The perforated wood sound-absorbing board is a structural sound-absorbing material with circular holes on the front and back of the MDF.

The fabric sound-absorbing panel is made by placing the special non-combustible sound-absorbing surface treated with microporous in a plastic or wooden frame and wrapping it with fire-proof sound-absorbing cloth. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, no dust pollution, strong decoration and simple construction.